About this Website

As you have probably guessed, or seen, or made a logical conclusion, Milo Penbrell is indeed a pen name.

I decided a while ago that if/when I became published, I didn’t want to use my real name. The reason is simply because a book takes hundreds of people to get out there in the world and be successful. And while I can write a nice “Thank You” to everyone who helped get this book to where it needs to be at the front of the book, it would still be my name on the front of the book, when this book would not be successful without all those involved. So if their name can’t be on the front of the book, then mine shouldn’t be either. Also, I wanted the focus of my books to be on the pages within, on the stories that are told, not on the byline.

In that vain, I will be talking a lot about my family within this blog, and because of reasons I’ve stated in an earlier blog and issues I’ve had with social media in the past, I’ll be using pen names as well for members of my family. To help you understand who’s who, those names I’ll be using are as follows:

Rabbit: My beautiful and ever supporting wife.
Whitney: My oldest son, currently 2.5 years old.
Pookus: My youngest son, nearly 1 year old.
Charles: My father.
Marie: My mother.
Phil: My father-in-law.
Claire: My mother-in-law.
Heidi: My sister.
Gotham: The city where I live and work.
Number Cruncher: My job.