Daily Writing Struggles: Case of the Mondays

Currently Reading: Shamefully, I must admit I’ve only read two pages of “A Man Called Ove” since my last post. But when one has free time, one must decide how to use said time. Do you write, or do you read?

Currently Writing: And proudly, I must admit I used my free time to write! Today, I wrote 1,182 pages of a story I started approximately one year ago. So here’s the backstory: A couple years ago while I still worked at my other job, a woman’s voice popped into my head. More accurately, her story popped into my head. And I couldn’t get her to shut up; naturally, I knew this meant I had to write about her. And so it began. Around 2,600 words were created about said woman. Her origin story formed as I wrote about her struggles in September of 2015. Then: LIFE GOT IN THE WAY. My son was born three weeks early with breathing issues and had to spend 10 days (including my birthday) in the NICU. Luckily, he is fine now. But a month after he was born, I lost my job due to a bank merger, and my unemployed time was spent searching for jobs and watching my son. The woman’s voice faded, and her story became lost on a flash drive….until today. While deciding what I wanted to write about today, I came across her story, and dove right in. I’m excited about what happens next as the next pages of her life will uncover the very images I had when her voice popped into my head from so long ago.

Special shout-out to my wife, who is training for a 5K in November and has also taken our 10-month old son off my hands on Wednesday nights, giving me ample time to write. This could lead to some major writing progress.

How Life Got In The Way: Have you ever seen the movie Office Space? Well you should. It’s hilarious whether you’ve worked in an office setting with cubicles before or not. Anyway, someone at the beginning says “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!” And honestly, I never quite understood that phrase until the job I have now.

A brief description of my job: so I work for city government, processing payments for customers and opening mail. Mondays tend to be a little crazy. After having two days off, customers come in like it’s a Black Friday Deal, except they don’t want to spend their money here. Not to mention the mail comes in like it’s the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Plus the phone rings off the hook. I probably answer over 100 calls on a Monday.

And well, if Monday is a holiday as it was this past week, Tuesday becomes Monday’s angry cousin, and unleashes twice as much evil. Needless to say when Quitting Time comes on the business day after the weekend, I. Am. EXHAUSTED. And even if I sat at the computer to write, my mind would not be in the proper place to compose coherent thought….unless maybe I was writing angry lit, or a Dr. Seuss poem. But I’m not.

Special shout out to The Lawn for maintaining its browny goodness during the heat wave here in the Northeast, and saving me from having to spend my evenings mowing!

What’s Newsworthy: I hear now that presidential hopeful Donald Trump was revealed in a poll to be the more trustworthy/honest of the two candidates. Is it Halloween already? Because I just got scared….

Also saw an article on CNN with the headline “Math is Racist?” I had to roll my eyes at this. I couldn’t even convince my right hand to click on the link. If you have the energy to read about it, let me know if any of it holds water.

Until Next Time. Keep Reading!


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